This is why the hair we offer at D’uAusé Bundles is so loved!

My name is Christiana Michael, many people know me as Chrissy and I am the CEO and founder of Du’Asé Bundles. It simply means “Do As You Say” and I want everyone to leave this website motivated to “Do As They Say”. I have a Masters Degree in Business Administration and I can teach you the fundamentals you would need to start your own business. I have the tools, knowledge, resources, and exposure to help others expand their small businesses.

This is a multi-faceted website where you can come for all of your hair care needs and DIY projects.

Here you will find the best quality products for all of your hair care needs, with more coming soon. At Du’Asé Bundles, the idea is to bundle your shopping into one cohesive experience. Stay tuned, as our blog will consistently be updated with something new to learn or get a laugh from. Our Home Improvement series #TrustMeYouCanDoItYourself is coming Soon! For now, enjoy the selection of luxury products currently available. I thank you for your support.